It’s Time to Receive.

By allowing ourselves to receive we are given the gift of seeing through another person’s eyes. – DailyOm

*Thank you to the homeless man who gave me these wipes a few weeks ago… I used them today and remembered your generous heart. ♥ Thank you. You have given me the gift of seeing through your eyes.

Seeing how it could have felt for you that day… I needed a napkin and you saved me with the wipes… A whole mess of wipes. I insisted on you keeping them and you would not take them back. And although I was forced to take them, forced to receive these ‘wipes’ ~ I felt like I was alllllll taken care of, like a mother kissing her son off to school… He prances on with his day, knowing Mom & Dad are taking care of everything.

It’s like that.
Mom & Dad are taking care of Everything!

Only this time, Mom & Dad are The UniVerse… are God… are All that is.

It is you, it is me
It’s the birds up in the tree.
We are one,
All is done,
Now it’s time to have some Fun!

(cheese alert!)

But seriously… We are ALL Connected… We are ALL One!

So, go ahead and give yourself permission to receive that/those things that you may have been holding off, not allowing, and resisting/restricting yourself from using or in-joying. Go ahead… Let that homeless man give you some butt wipes! (oh, that’s what I call them)



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